Welcome.  We are glad to have you checking out our website.  We have to video's for you to enjoy.  The first video is of our Easter gathering and the second is of our last regular worship gathering.  Enjoy.
We are wrestling through our new series called Encounter: I AM.  It is a journey through the gospel of John.  Our deepest desire and prayer is that we may all encounter the great I am through our journy.  
Here is the video of our last worship gathering (March 27th), as Todd leads us through Jesus' statement "I AM the Vine."  Join our conversation as we talked about God's Unexpected Pruning.

Encounter - John 15:1-27 from Waypoints Faith Community on Vimeo.

Welcome and thank you for checking out Waypoints Faith Community. In 2003 a small group of us gathered together to ask the simple question of “Is this it?” The church experiences we've had were good, but there seemed to be something missing. It didn’t seem complete. Is this what Jesus had in mind? Are people being changed by their encounter with Christ? For us, sadly the answer was no. We were “doing” church, but not experiencing church. We set out then to ask another question. What would church look like if it was done differently? What does a different kind of biblical faith community look like? In October 2003, we launched our community that we call Waypoints on the simple premise of seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. What we have discover so far is the greatest adventure of our lives. We would love to have you come and join us Charting a Course Through Life Together.