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Here is the video of our last Worship Gathering here at Waypoints. We would love to have you join us as Todd continues to lead us our current adventure. Our adventure is called King's Speech a Holy Revolution.  We are wrestling verse by verse through the greatest speech ever given, the Sermon on the Mount.  

God created the universe with the spoken word.  His words gave life.  His words spoke all things into being.  God then gave Humans the power of speech.  From the beginning humanities words have had the power to create, the power to destroy, the power to change the world.  Through the centuries there have been powerful speeches given by kings, presidents, prime ministers, social activists, military leaders, and all sorts of people.  Speeches given to inspire, to encourage, to motivate action, or to bring about change.  These speeches have changed individuals, these speeches have changed societies, these speeches have changed the world.  

But there is only one speech in all of history that had the power to change every life and every situation.  There has only been one speech that was so powerful that it not only change the lives, but shook the world, shatter the gates of hell, and opened the doors of heaven.  One speech that changed it all.  The King’s Speech.     

King's Speech - Matthew 7:7-11 - 08.09.16 from Waypoints Faith Community on Vimeo.