Welcome. We are glad to have you checking out our website. Thank you for being curious about our community. Please check out our website and let us know if you have any questions.  Below is the link to our next live broadcast of our worship gathering.  Please click on the link below.    


Aliens, foreigners, pilgrims, travelers, and sojourners these are just some of the words and images God uses to describe us, and who we are once we come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The moment we come to faith everything changes including our homeland. Though we may live in this world, we are no longer citizens of this world. Our citizenship lies elsewhere; heaven. On earth we are just visitors. Traveling through on our way to our home; strangers in a strange land. We are Outsiders living different sort of life, one that reflects our true home. 

My friends here at Waypoints, we believe that Jesus really live, He really died on the cross, and He really rose again.  We believe Jesus changed everything.  We also believe through faith in Jesus heaven is our destination and our home.  And until we experience that paradise we are here, to learn, to grow, to change, as we travel through this world together.  Choosing to live by the priorities and the ideals of the next world, not of this one. We are strangers living in a strange land.